Frequently Asked Questions

How long should a newborn calf wear a Bala-Calfa?

Once a calf is 24 hours old, their circulation should be improved enough to decrease the risk of ears freezing. However, this is dependent on the weather & the strength of the calf. A calf that develops a fever is more likely to freeze their extremities, therefore Bala-Calfa's can be used on older calves who have become sick. 

Can the Bala-Calfa be used on a calf that is not yet dried off?

Yes, the Bala-Calfa can be used on wet calves BUT the calf's head & ears will remain wet under the hood. It is recommended that the calf be placed in a hot box or warm area to dry prior to putting on the Bala-Calfa. If facilities are not present, it is recommended that you place a clean Bala-Calfa on the calf after 4-6 hours of wear, to ensure a proper fit. 

Will the Bala-Calfa save ears that have already been frozen or frostbitten?

In most cases, using the Bala-Calfa on aready damaged ears will not save the affected areas. However, the Bala-Calfa will prevent further damage & will minimize the loss of tissue due to previous damage. 

Can newborn calves nurse while wearing the Bala-Calfa?

ABSOLUTELY!!! The Bala-Calfa is designed to allow calves to comfortably nurse without restriction. 

Do calves sulk or lay around more while wearing the Bala-Calfa?

Normally, NO. However, some calves may take a few minutes to get used to wearing the Bala-Calfa. It's similar to putting a toque on a 2 year old child...some may pitch a fit when you first put it on, but eventually they forget they even have it on!